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7/9/12 Stop Writing!

8/20/12 DIY Promotions
7/23/12 Writing Anxiety

Mindy McGinnis
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5/22/13 How Does Your Garden Grow? The Ugly Monsters Hiding In Your Plot
10/26/13 10 Not So Great Steps Of A Writing Ritual
3/27/13 How Waxing Your Eyebrows Is Like Editing
2/22/13 Just Say No!
1/15/13 What's In Your Diaper Genie? How to Get the Crap Out of Your Book
11/14/12 How Street Teams Can Hurt Authors
10/29/12 Continuity & Copyedits
9/26/12 You Can't Trust Me, I'm the Marketing Man
8/13/12 Why Does It Take So Long To Publish A Book, Anyway?
7/18/12 How to Staunch Voice Bleeding
6/29/12 The Edit Cave
6/5/12 When Your First Time Is At A Romance Convention
5/9/12 Author Photo Identity Crisis
3/6/12 That's One Ugly Baby
2/15/12 My Anti-Climactic Book Deal Day